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Default Sand for sticky borders

On 07/02/19 08:59, Chris Hogg wrote:
On Thu, 7 Feb 2019 08:42:10 +0000, alan_m

As for a previous warning on salt, if it is going to cause a problem in
a garden it is going to cause greater problems when using it for
building! The sand will have been washed.


In my previous bungalow, we were right on the coast, up a steep hill
straight from the beach. In winter the windows would be crusted with
salt from the SW gales, and balls of spume would blow across the
garden. Also, I used to bring carloads of seaweed up from the beach
and put it straight on the garden as a mulch around shrubs etc, with
no attempt to wash it. The salt deposited on the garden by winter
gales and with the seaweed did no harm, although foliage got burnt,
but that's not quite the same thing.

Maybe that's why Jersey Royals today have lost much of their flavour -
no natural salt from the seaweed which used to be used as a
fertiliser/mulch! :-)

Regarding salt in builders sand, it may depend on the source. If you
look under "Consists of" here,
it's a bit ambiguous as to whether this particular sand contains salt or
not. There is also ample possibility of confusion when many merchants
specifically list "builders sand" and "Washed sharp sand". It tends to
suggest that the latter comes from the sea and required washing. Not
sure about the former, though!