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Default What kind of pine tree do I have?

On 2/11/2019 9:35 PM, songbird wrote:
George wrote:

Before Christmas, Walmart was closing out some live pine trees, with
decorations included. I bought one and it's been growing well in the
house. It needs a bigger pot, the roots are coming out of the small pot
it came in. That pot was in a plastic cup to hold water. So, of course
the roots are now growing in the water.

Like I said, I have little experience with house plants, so any advice
is appreciated.

IMO wrap it with an old rag and keep the rag moist to
keep the roots from drying out but you don't need the plant
sitting in water all the time.

yes, setting it out now is not a good idea. wait until
it gets warmer, but not too late, depends upon the weather

no idea what type of pine tree it might be.


Not all pines are desirable for planting around the house. OP should
post a picture with url posted here so we can look at it.