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Default Frogs, tadpoles, froglets

On Sat, 2 Mar 2019 08:22:36 -0000, "Bill Davy"

Frogs have been very active this week doing jiggy jiggy in my pond. I want
to populate a small basin at the allotments which are currently frog free.
I can carry a bucket of either spawn or perhaps a few tadpoles. I am
inclined to do both. Obviously will rinse bucket out with rainwater, basin
has some (English) pondweed, steps for small frogs to get out, etc. Basin
at allotment is covered with coarse metal mesh as last year's effort went to
feed ducks (never get them in my back garden).

Anything else I can do to improve the odds. ?

Learn their mating call?

Last year I feared that the frogs weren't going to return to my small
garden pond on top of a retaining wall so the neighbour across the
road whose frogs had been active very early on gave me some of his
tadpoles. A few weeks later my frogs had returned and layed some
spawn in the pond. A week or two after that they must have been
feeling really frisky because they couldn't wait to go into the pond
but layed their spawn on the patio slabs. I scooped that up and put
it in the adjacent small pond.

By the end of the season I had 3 lots of tadpoles and the very late
ones were still there in the autumn so may will metamorphe early this

I guess nature is fairly hardy when it needs to be.