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On 07/03/19 13:05, Chris Hogg wrote:
On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 12:41:26 +0000, Jeff Layman

I have been wondering about using this on my Cornus stump. That would be
to accelerate its decomposition, of course, not to kill it as that would
be an unapproved use.

But I just had a look at the Westland Garotta pack in my local garden
centre, and there is absolutely no mention of what it contains. I
thought it might say "Ammonium Sulfamate" somewhere, but there's not
mention of it. However, on the information sheet at it
states that the hazardous ingredients are "Silicone (sic) Dioxide 35 -
40%" and "Limestone 35 - 40%".So it's sand and limestone. No ammonium
sulfamate to be seen.

There's still 20-30% unaccounted for. Perhaps that's the sulphamate,
although they surely should say so in the MSD sheet.

I wondered about that, but as they consider sand and limestone
"hazardous substances" I would be somewhat surprised if ammonium
sulfamate wasn't considered hazardous.

Why not just buy the sulphamate directly. Plenty on e-bay. I call it
'composting in situ'.

It will probably come to that or some other source. It's just that I was
surprised to see there was no ammonium sulfamate in the Garotta pack I
looked at. I wonder how long it's been like that, as ISTR we've
discussed the "non-approved" use of it for ages here, and Garotta
compost accelerator often got mentioned...