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On 07/03/19 13:39, Andy Burns wrote:

Jeff Layman wrote:

I was surprised to see there was no ammonium sulfamate in the Garotta
pack I looked at. I wonder how long it's been like that, as ISTR
we've discussed the "non-approved" use of it for ages here, and
Garotta compost accelerator often got mentioned...

Sure it wasn't "Root Out" being discussed?

I thought it was Garotta, BICBW. Didn't it contain ammonium sulfamate
before the EU ruling? See the first few posts in this forum from 2009:

Mind you, I wonder what this is:
"Active ingredients - Nitrogen with ground limestone"

I could have been referring to the wrong product earlier - that pdf I
linked to is for Garotta "Garden Composting Aid". I'm not sure now if
that is their compost accelerator or not. Anyway, as Chris noted, there
are other sources of the compound available.