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Default California Lilac looks like it is dying :(

On 3/20/2019 9:14 PM, Pipper wrote:
replying to tinytee, Pipper wrote:
Our Victoria California Lilacís leaves turned brown just recently. It was
very windy and we had two feet of snow in February. Freezing temperatures in
February. We live in Washington near the border of Canada. It is about five
years old. We have enjoyed it so much. Any ideas about what we should do?

The California lilac is not a true lilac. Lilacs are in the genus
Syringa, and California lilacs are in the genus Ceanothus.

The entire genus Ceanothus is known to be short-lived, 5-10 years.
Thus, yours might have merely died of old age.

Given your climate, try a true lilac. They appreciate snow.

David E. Ross

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