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Default Rose not flowering - how long to give it?

I'm helping to renovate a neglected garden and there is a rose which I
think qualifies as a rambling ground cover rose.

At least, it has a lot of thin stems which grow up and out of a centre in
all directions and bend back down to the ground. The general habit is like
a well behaved bramble.

Anyway, it had no rose hips over winter, nor signs of last year's flowers.
This makes me suspect that it didn't flower last year. House was only
bought last Autumn so I don't know the long term history.

It has been shaded by a partially collapsed privet hedge which is now
cleared back, and is to the North of the house and so is in shade for at
least half of the year. Sun is starting to reach it now.

The leaves are dark green and the rose seems to be growing vigorously
although I read that this is not necessarily a sign that it has enough of
the right food.

I propose to feed it with some rose fertiliser and see how it goes, but I
wondered how long to advise the owner to keep it before deciding that it
might never flower and remove it.

Is one season enough?

I assume that if there are no flower buds by June/July then it probably
isn't going to flower this year.


Dave R

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