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Default Rose not flowering - how long to give it?

On 01/04/2019 13:03, Chris Hogg wrote:
Very many years ago I was told that the
leaves on rose suckers coming from the rootstock have a different
number of leaflets to those of the grafted scion.

Google's not being very co-operative, and the rootstocks used vary
between different countries (you want a rootstock adapted to the
climate), but it seems that a dog rose cultivar (Rosa 'Laxa' is a common
rootstock in Britain).

It will depend on the choice of rootstock and scion, but if the
rootstock and scion belong to taxa with different numbers of leaflets
then the suckers will have a different number to the scion; if you have
instead, for example, a double Rugosa grafted on a rugosa rootstock, the
suckers and scion will not be vegetatively distinguishable. (The number
of leaflets can be variable on a single plant.) The shape of the thorns,
and other characters, may also differ.

For a more obvious constrast, Sorbus aria cultivars (entire leaf
margins) are often grafted on a Sorbus intermedia (deeply pinnatelky
lobed leaves) rootstock.