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Default normal spring weather

yesterday sunny and windy, but warm enough to
get out and get some gardening done.

today snowing.

several years ago (maybe 5 years even) i had this
area that was getting full of grasses growing along
the edge of the green manure patch. so i dug out
what i could and piled it up thinking i would be able
to go through the pile and remove the grass roots
and then level it all back out.

then life happened and that pile remained until i
could get back to it and of course it became a pile
of grassy dirt instead.

yesterday i finally got it at least flattened and
put back to where it was removed from and also filled
in some other holes that were around there that should
not have been there (we don't need any more hazards
around here than we already have).

while i was back there i also cleaned up a few other
things, but the whole garden could use being turned and
replanted. i kinda doubt i'll have that much time this
season either. there's still clumps of garlic growing
through that space i'd like to remove - i try to get
rid of a few feet each year so i can eventually have it

then there are three projects sitting there waiting
for me to get back to them (from last fall) and of
course getting gardens ready for planting for this spring
and such. if i'm lucky i get enough breaks in the
weather to get a lot done in the spring or fall, but it
isn't looking like that will happen this year. the next
week is forecast for rain/snow/both pretty much every

i was going to get peas planted but i think with the
weather forecast being cool and too wet i'll wait a
week longer.

it was nice enough last week where i could finish up
a patch inside the fence that was left last fall. that
puts all of the fenced area back there in good shape
for light weeding/planting.