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Default Pampas Grass -

replying to mahalie, Nancy Hessler wrote:
I read this thread because I also heard the same crackling sounds coming from
ornamental grasses and thought it may be a normal response to bright sunlight.
I was appalled, however, at the trouncing the original poster got for merely
asking about ridding her plants of pests. Anyone who claims to know anything
on this subject of popping noises in ornamental grasses, ESPECIALLY an
Arborist (a botanist would be more knowledgeable), would research prior to
commenting rudely. Yes, the nioses in the grasses is normal. It is a response
to certain weather conditions and is centered primaily in the body of the
plant near the base, which is why pests were suspected...but the sound also
can emit from the length of the individual dried stalks.

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