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Default Vertical Wall Garden advice

On 29/04/2019 19:53, Chris Hogg wrote:
snipped description of proposed vertical garden wall

I'm not going to comment in detail of your choice of plants, other
than to say IME Angel Wings comes very easily from cuttings, so buy
one plant, strip off most (but not all) of the side shoots coming from
the base of the plant, pot them up in gritty compost, and it won't be
too long before you have a few more plants. Saves a penny or two.
Angel Wings isn't totally hardy BTW.

Just seen on TV Charlie Dimmock recommending that water saving gel be
pre-soaked to swell it before adding it to the compost, otherwise
everything expands and the contents of the pot 'overflows'.

Yellow looks good with blue.

I think your plans for improving the drainage are way OTT. I'm not
sure I'm reading it right, but from the last image you posted
(IMG_3709.jpeg) looking down into one of those pots, it looked as
though there was a plastic mushroom in the bottom, suggesting that
they'd designed it like that so as to retain a little water after
watering. How that will work with your drip system I don't know, and
maybe your four extra holes will be needed, but those layers of
geotextile are quite unnecessary IMO. A layer of gravel, or a few
crocks from a broken clay pot, are all that you'll need.

I have used Swelgell for many years now and would mix it dry into the
compost, but then water the compost before filling the pots/containers