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Default Mycorrhizal fungus

On 18/04/2019 08:58, Nick Maclaren wrote:
In article ,
Bob Hobden wrote:

Used it when planting a cherry tree, one of four. Not noticed any
difference, indeed it's that tree that has a touch of canker.

I have used it on quite a few things, and not noticed any difference,
but it may well have helped.


I have a feeling that like some other old wives tales and patent
medicine it only works if you truly believe in it. There are plenty of
fungi in the soil already so I'm unconvinced it makes much difference.

The only one where I know it makes a significant difference is sterile
propagation of orchids where without the right associated fungi the
seedlings struggle to obtain nutrients and get going properly.

I reckon something the size of a tree will have enough reserves for the
right fungi to find it. I have my suspicions that it is a per plant
family fungal association rather than a one size fits all solution too.

Martin Brown