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Default Diesel Fuel as weed killer?

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 3:44:06 PM UTC-4, Ralph Moore wrote:
replying to trader4, Ralph Moore wrote:
It has been said that long time exposure to Roundup can cause cancer in some
susceptible individuals.

for full context, visit

You're supposed to spray it on weeds, not on yourself. From what I can
gather, there are many studies that have been done that show no
correlation. And maybe one that showed a possible correlation to one
type of cancer. From that, it was off to the races with the ambulance
chasing lawyers. Their first big victory was in CA, where a school
janitor blamed his cancer on using Roundup to control weeds at the
school. How dumb do you have to be to get any significant amount of
Roundup on you spraying weeds at a school. He claimed he was drenched
with it sometimes. If I was doing a lot of it and regularly, I'd put
on a tyvek jumpsuit if I saw any of it was getting on me.
Oh, and one of the studies that didn't show any
connection was one that tracked farmers and their families in I think
it was NC/SC area for over a decade. They found no elevated cancer of
the type the other study implicated, overall the farmers were healthier
than the overall population. I use it and will continue to do so, but
then I'm responsible and not stupid enough to wallow in it either.
I'd bet few of those suing even get it on them much either. It's get
sick, sue, because you can. The TV late nights has ads now, recruiting
more people to sue.