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Default Diesel Fuel as weed killer?

On 5/3/2019 8:15 PM, Bob F wrote:
On 5/3/2019 5:03 PM, wrote:
On Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 3:44:06 PM UTC-4, Ralph Moore wrote:
replying to trader4, Ralph Moore wrote:
It has been said that long time exposure to Roundup can cause cancer
in some
susceptible individuals.

for full context, visit

You're supposed to spray it on weeds, not on yourself.* From what I can
gather, there are many studies that have been done that show no

But then again:

"However, although all glyphosate herbicide-exposed first generation
female rats became pregnant, they had a lower number of implantation
sites of fertilized eggs, compared with controls. The second generation
offspring from both glyphosate herbicide-exposed groups showed delayed
growth, evidenced by lower foetal weight and length, and a higher
incidence of abnormally small foetuses.

Also, to the authors' surprise, malformations (conjoined foetuses and
abnormally developed limbs) were detected in the second generation of
offspring from the higher dose of glyphosate herbicide group. Foetal
abnormalities were found in 3 out of 117 foetuses, each one from
different mothers within the first generation of offspring (i.e. 3 out
of 13 litters were affected). A statistically significant correlation
was found between glyphosate herbicide exposure and foetal malformations.

In conclusion, the study showed that exposure during pregnancy to low
doses of glyphosate herbicide impaired female reproductive performance
and induced foetal growth retardation and malformations in
second-generation offspring. It also showed that the industry-declared
no-observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) of 1000 mg/kg bw/day for
maternal toxicity is not a reliable indicator of reproductive safety."