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Default Vertical Wall Garden advice

On 04/05/2019 10:24, Frusc wrote:
alan_m;1031043 Wrote:
Setting up the individual drips on a long run can be a pain - as you
increase the drip rate from one the rate from others can reduce. Set
them up roughly first so that you have flow from each one and then go
back and equalise the flow from each in gradual steps. When first
setting up first fully open the one at the end of the run to remove any

air in the main feed. Despite the name you don't want drips but a
steady flow.

Resist the temptation to re-adjust the drippers for more flow during the

year. Just adjust the frequency and period of each watering.

What can happen if you don't open up the drippers enough is that in the

summer the 4mm black tubing gets very hot, the water expands and is
pushed out the drippers and/or evaporates via the drippers. When the
timer again provides water the tubes are full of air and can cause an
air lock preventing water getting to some drippers. By setting the
drippers to give a steady higher flow tends to prevent this in that the

air is easily pushed out by the new water flow.

Thank you for the further tips. Seems counter intuitive at first, but
then the benefit of experience usually highlights issues you never

I've already realised I've wired the irrigation wrong. I started the run
from the bottom row of pots, I should have taken the pipe to the top and
run down :/ Silly mistake, fortunately I realised before starting on the
bigger set of pots

alan_m;1031043 Wrote:
Try and hide the black pipe in permanent shade.

Fortunately I want to hide the pipe for aesthetic reasons anyway. Most
of it runs behind the pots, the bits running along the top should be
concealed by the plants. And I plan to put some sort of art/lighitng to
conceal the bit that is exposed between the decking and pots.

alan_m;1031043 Wrote:
Anther tip, while construction your system dip the end of the cut tube
into a cup of near boiling water before trying to get it over the barbs

on the fittings (T pieces or drippers). The hot water temporarily makes

the tubes softer and the fittings can be pushed into the tubes easier.

Luckily that was one tip that was given on the rather small manual


The boliing water tip is good, BUT dont bother with a cup, use a full
thermos flask and the water will stay hot enough to use for around 30 mins.