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Default tip: Rosemary and bugs

T wrote:

Well now, I have been wondering if Rosemary was
any bit effecting in repelling bugs with its
strong aroma.

Well, I finally got around to pruning my rosemary bush.
Found about 30 baby earwigs and one now deceased over
winter squash bug.

So, no. Bugs are not bother by rosemary's aroma.


no surprise to me. same with many other plants
that have strong smells, most of the smell only
happens when the plants are damaged to release
the oils/scents. that may prevent any chewing bugs
from doing much damage, but it won't necessarily
keep them away.

we grow a lot of thymes here and i love it as
a lower growing plant which smells good when i
have to weed it. plus i like that we don't react
to the smell of it like we do for a few of the
other plants we have.