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Default Review: bogatyr garlic

On 5/10/19 12:10 PM, songbird wrote:
T wrote:
And we had an early hot spell, worse than last year,
and they are still going strong!

I am so looking forward to "Better have your fire extinguisher
ready -- if you like hot garlic, you'll love this one's slow
start and building heat"

if it gets too dry make sure they get some
water once in a while. you don't want them
to dry out too early, but then once you see
signs they are finishing up you can stop
watering as then you do want them to dry out.

I am being real careful to water them. My onion
seeds show sign of sprouting too, so I am
making sure hey are watered

the garlic i've been growing for a long
time has no issues with cold weather through
the winter. we get well below freezing and
the ground freezes solid down a few feet.

Mine always loved the cold. What made mine fail
every year was a sudden warm spell. And I did water
them. I just had the wrong variety