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In article ,
Roger Tonkin wrote:
In article ,
Before disposing of the magnolia completely, you could try cutting it
back really hard, to say a three-foot stump. If that kills it, you've
lost nothing as you were going to replace it anyway, but I reckon
it'll shoot from that stump and be OK for a few more years, when you
can repeat the drastic pruning.

Thank Chris, had thought of that, but the reason for taking it
down was that the gnarled twisted and merged lower trunks are
firmly agains the garden wall and I would have to cut it down
to about a foot to try that, and I do not think SWMBO would
appreciate that!

If an established woody plant resprouts from being cut right back,
most of the time it will produce huge shoots even in the first year.
If it doesn't, then it's generally not going to recover.

Nick Maclaren.