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Default tip: weeds

On 5/11/2019 11:01 PM, T wrote:
On 5/11/19 7:43 PM, Pavel314 wrote:
On Friday, May 10, 2019 at 1:09:13 PM UTC-4, T wrote:
Hi All,

I am involved in a holy ware against the weeds again
this year.

The past two years, I though that if I just picked the
weed and dropped in in place, the it would stop them
from seeding.

Well, It is worse than ever this year.* Apparently, when
you pull the weed, whatever it has left in it puts its
effort into seeding.* Now I have four times as much cheat
grass!* Poop!

This years I pull them and stick them into a bag for
disposal.* So far, two big garbage bags full of cheat
Grass and others.

Death to weeds!


We have a three-bin compost system, with one bin for each years weeds.
In a couple of years, it's rotted down to good compost.


How do you make sure the ubiquitous, indestructible seeds
are dead?

I've been battling sticky weed on banks in the back and we bagged weeds
and put them in the trash but it came back since some things seed like
crazy. I Preened the banks this year and it helped but some weed is
back. We have had same problem with Japanese stilt grass. Garden
center said pulling just lets other seeds in the soil sprout and only
solution is lots of premerg.