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Default Another berry good day

¬* Looks like we may get tired of strawberries ... nah , that ain't
happening ! Picked another basket this morning to be sure we had enough
for a batch of jam , coulda made 2 batches with these and what I picked
on Thursday . So Mrs Snag made one batch and cut a bowl full up for
shortcake . That makes 17 half pints of jam so far . Still have some
fresh berries in the fridge which I plan to freeze tomorrow . A cup of
berries and a quarter cup of sugar , seal in a vacuum bag and
refrigerate for a day to develop the syrup before I freeze them . I also
found time to plant a bunch of other stuff that was ready , including
about 40+ sweet potato slips plus seedlings of yellow squash , cucumbers
, zucchini , spaghetti squash , bell peppers , and a Roma tomato
seedling that I had damaged when planting the rest . There's one more
Roma in ICU , but I'm not sure if it will make it . We also scored
another 3 plants that are bee-friendly . I'm trying to increase the
number of plants that bloom in¬* midsummer since the spring nectar flows
are the only reliable source of nectar for the
bees/butterflies/hummingbirds. Scored a Spirea and a Rose of Sharon for
buy one and the second plant half price , plus a large bunch of purple
bee balm rooted plants - those were free . So far the taters are going
gangbusters , corn is up - apparently some either got washed away or
eaten by birds - beans are coming up now and all the tomato plants have
survived so far . Another monsoon-like rain storm tonight means I'll
need to check things over in the morning to see if any plants got
damaged . Oh , and I forgot about the small pot of chives , they're
ready for a bigger home so they'll get repotted to a 6" container . Now
I need to learn where/when to use them ... does sprouting mung beans in
a jar count as "gardening" ?

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