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Default Loganberries

I have grown loganberries for years, but having recently moved
house, I had to bring a plant with me and start again.

Last year was really the first and I just had a limited crop,
and two shoots for this years crop (as expected). Both shoots
are about 12ft or so long and were tied to supports as they
grew, making a u-turn about half way along.

I notice that the flower shoots are strong on the first half of
the shoots, but nothing has developed beyond the turning point
(or a bit before it in one case). The leaves seem to have gone
purple round the edges and seem to be dying off. However right
at the end, the shoot is still green and healthy, indeed one of
then I have put down into the soil and it has taken root and is
growing strongly.

As before I've always had lots of shoots, I've never noticed
this problem. Indeed is it a problem, or just usual behavior?

Any thoughts welcome please.

Roger T

700 ft up in Mid-Wales