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Default Making Greenhouses?

On 11/06/2019 11:19, Nick Maclaren wrote:
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Charlie Pridham wrote:

My feeling is if we can get hold of proper greenhouse mouldings it will
have a much longer useful life and require less upkeep than if we build
in wood.

Not necessarily. Well-made wooden structures will outlast UPVC or
most metals - inter alia, they are repairable if one part breaks, so
a single failure (combined with the original parts no longer being
available) doesn't mean demolition and rebuilding. It is essential
to use good-quality wood and, unless one of the extremely weather-
resistant woods, to paint it and maintain the paint.

Aluminiums vary, that I know, but I don't know which are durable and
which aren't. I have seen some that were completely rotten after a
couple of decades, even without exposure to salt spray, which you may
get. Steels, ditto, so GOOD galvanising or fancy stainless is needed
for a long life. And UPVC degrades with ultraviolet, at least.

Nick Maclaren.

The problem with wood is that these days the quality is lacking or it is
prohibitively expensive, but I think for a mist unit where it will be
permanently wet it simply will be hard to keep clean and rot free and my
O level wood working skills are way short of what would be required!

Charlie Pridham
Gardening in Cornwall