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Default Making Greenhouses?

On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 09:01:52 +0100, Charlie Pridham

Later this year I will be helping son construct a new mist propagation
greenhouse, he is wanting to do it in wood with polycarbinate. I am
pretty sure the area he has ear marked and base built is non standard
size and shape hence his decision .
Many years ago I was able to buy glazing bars etc in stove coated
alluminium to recover my old victorian leantoo but I cant now find
anyone supplying lengths of alluminium glazing bar.

My feeling is if we can get hold of proper greenhouse mouldings it will
have a much longer useful life and require less upkeep than if we build
in wood.
Does any one know of a supplier?

An odd shape is more difficult, but a non-standard rectangular size can be
worked around by buying an over-size greenhouse and modifying it to fit the
desired size.

Mark Rand