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Default transplant clippings not taking

On 6/28/19 7:00 PM, Drew Lawson wrote:
In article
T writes:
On 6/27/19 5:09 PM, Terry Coombs wrote:
Just a guess , but I think you might be using too much rooting hormone .

Tried it both ways.

The instructions on mine (TakeRoot brand) say dip then shake excess off
. Are you clipping almost all the leaves off ?

I left the leaves on. Should I have removed most of them?

Hard to phrase the balance. You need enough to feed the root growth.
But any more than that demands more water than the cut end can wick.
For me, it is hit and miss. I generally take 4-5 cuttings when I
want 1-2 plants (for woody plants, greens are easier).

That lowers the moisture
requirements , cuz remember , ya got no roots to take up water and
nutrients .

I also put a baggie over the container (loosely)

not following. Bag over the rooting compound container?

Tent over the plant/cutting. Like a mini-greenhouse.

Also, how long do I wait to water? Maybe I washed the stuff off?

I've never rooted cuttings in the ground. Usually use damp sand
until roots form, and water by soaking from the bottom.

I'd say keep the soil damp, and any watering would be slow/gentle.

Thank you!