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Default Garlic harvest

On 7/24/19 4:37 AM, songbird wrote:
T wrote:
On 7/23/19 6:53 AM, songbird wrote:
that may be too often, maybe twice a week
would be enough or even once a week (depending
upon how well the soil there holds the moisture).

We have 4 to 6% humidity and adiabatic drying winds.
I have tested it out. If I don't water every other day,
things start to badly wilt on me and I get blossom
rot even on my cherry tomatoes.

Blossom rot on peppers and eggplant is pathetic looking!

does your soil contain any clay? usually such poor
water retention would be attributable to not having
clay. also the general condition of your plantings is
that they are in smaller excavated spaces so that is
likely a big part of your wilting. the root systems
of larger plants in normal garden soil will be about
the same size as the plant mass above the ground...
(just an FYI )...

anything you can do to block those winds will also
help (as long as they do not block all the light).


Our soil is pretty much decomposed sandstone. It is
part of an old ancient lake bed. It is mostly round rocks.

I have found my ground pots work best if I hack them down
to over 18" deep and about that much wide too. It is no easy
task. Some of those rocks are pretty big.

Smaller ground pots grow smaller plants. Trial and error

Got YUGE peppers growing this year! Well, except for
one ground pot that I seriously need to dig out next
year. Got one pepper that is about 8" long. Last
year's best was about 5" long.