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Default purple dove beans

songbird wrote:
Pavel314 wrote:
Do the beans stay purple when cooked?

no, i don't know of any of the purple
beans that will stay purple when cooked
(they are darker green).

ok, i asked someone who would know better
and he said he didn't know of any of the
purple beans that would stay purple when

and then i looked up why and found out
that it has to do with the acidity of the
cell which contains the pigment. in that
article it suggested soaking them in
vinegar before cooking and cooking as
little as possible.

the purple dove beans are so tender they
are excellent eaten fresh and crunchy which
would be another way to eat them and still
have the color. perhaps take them and
slice them very fine with a vinagrette and
a bit of red onion and some bacon and you'd
have a good combination. of course leave
off the bacon or onion or as they say
adjust to taste.

what caught my interest in them last year
beyond the color was how tender they were
when i sampled a few.