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Default transplant clippings not taking

I kept the bottles full for a month or two. Most recent bunch were
Oregon cedar trees (hopefully). These were clipped winter before last.
They appear to be growing nearly a foot this summer.


T wrote:
On 7/14/19 1:23 PM, Hul Tytus wrote:
I've had good luck in the winter by sticking the clippings in coke
bottles kept full with water and placing them in a south facing window.
When roots are noticeable & the weather is warm, stick them in the ground.


Hi Hul,

Well now, this time I tried sticking a clipping into
an empty bottle, with a tiny amount of rooting compound
in the water.

I has been five days now and the leaves have not died.
All the ones I tried sticking in the ground, the leaves
died with in a day.

So a good sign, I guess. But no sign of any roots
yet. How long did yours take to develop roots?

Many thanks,