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Default Just some garden talk

Hi All,

Well, since doing this for eight years or so, this is
the first time I have feral tomato plants growing
in my garden. I noticed after it got hot in August,
they popped up. I presume they are sweet 100's, but
I only have one small green tomato so far. I am
dying of curiosity.

Hmmmm. Hot and August for them to pop up. This would be why
purchasing them from a green house is so popular.

On the California (Anaheim) pepper front, last year a got
about ten. Max was about three inches. This year, I have
a bumper crop. And big ones too!
The tiles are six inch squares.

I made chili and crispy Ratatouille out of them.


1 bottle of organic tomatoes (Italy). (Canned tomatoes
are an abomination)
2 large California chili peppers diced (mine)
2 lb grass fed hamburger (down the street)
a bunch of onions pulled green, stems and all (mine).
diced t about a cup and a half
garlic diced, about five small cloves (mine)
Oregano flakes (grocery store)

You simmer down the tomatoes and peppers by themselves
before adding the rest of the ingredients.,


And I found I like raw zucchini with my home made blue
cheese dressing (let me know if anyone wants the recipe).

And it looks like I am starting to get some roots on
my Choke Berry clipping. And right where I cut off
the leaves, as Songbird predicted.

And I have a jungle of Sweet 100's that taste like
candy. Tried growing other cherries, but they take to
long to harvest (zone 6c is really short), have
low yields, and to be quite frank, they don't taste
all that nice either. This year only sweet 100's.

Life is good!