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On 9/4/19 6:35 AM, songbird wrote:
T wrote:

i have never put oregano into chili.

It is a substitute for cumin. The wife has
a two step allergy (two steps and you're dead)
to members of the coriander family (cumin,
cilantro, etc.) It is scary.

And it looks like I am starting to get some roots on
my Choke Berry clipping. And right where I cut off
the leaves, as Songbird predicted.

is it in water or in potting soil?

In a water bottle. I was wondering if I should add anything to
the water other than the original growth hormone I added

i've liked the yellow ones we've grown here before
but no cherry tomatoes this season. just the beefsteaks.

I can't grow big tomatoes as I can not
afford a back hole to come in and dig me
a 6 foot deep and wide and back fill with
top soil. Every time I have tried, I wind
up with blossom rot. The lady at the university
extension explained the matter to me, so I have
stuck with cherries, which I am very successful at.