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Default What veg to grow

On 10/03/20 12:12, Nick Maclaren wrote:
In article ,
Pwllgloyw wrote:

PS This newsgroup seems to be dying for some reason, what do people use now?

God alone knows, and I would like to :-( I have looked at a few of the
Web-based fora, and most are populated by (frankly) the clueless, not
much more active, or both.

There are fewer and fewer contributors, but I see one or two new names
now and again. I think Usenet is less used as the answers to many
questions people have can be found using an internet search. When they
get to the stage of posting here after failing to find an answer
themselves there usually isn't an answer (or at least not the one they
want to hear!).

It probably won't be too long before we are able to rename Usenet as
"Usenot". :-(