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Default What veg to grow

In article ,
Martin Brown wrote:

We have grown Courgettes in a shady area.

In somewhere as dark as that? I am surprised. Except for a few plants,

They are sufficiently vigorous that even in limited light they may do
OK. They go leggy and flop over if the light just isn't good enough.

And they take over if given ideal conditions. I grow them on my year old
compost heap in a north facing shady side of the garden. That way they
don't quite overrun us with a glut of courgettes. That said there are
still two that got away to marrow size still waiting to be eaten.

I also grow C. maxima (a crown prince type), C. moschata (tromboncino
d'Albenga) and those need 5 square metres in considerably less than
ideal conditions, AND when pinched back frequently! But they are
first-class eating - unlike ordinary courgettes, which are usually
a bit bland and lacking in texture, even when young.

I doubt that even the latter would do in his conditions, but it
would be too large for them if it were!