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Default Photography was getting to a bean picture

Gary Woods wrote:
On Fri, 27 Mar 2020 09:23:39 -0400, Nyssa

Anyone have any other ideas for re-purposing on-hand items
to help with lighting or other photography issues?

Piece of white posterboard, lit by whatever as a "soft light"
The saving grace is that the current sensors are _much_ more
sensitive, so insane light levels not needed.

yes, so far that is what i'm finding out.

there are various youtube videos you can find which
show various kinds of light filters or softeners.

for me, i came up with a piece of plastic which i
can hang right off the overhead camera/flash (they
are attached) and on that i used double sided tape
to hold some small mirrors to a piece of foam so
that it deflects the light from the flash off to the

the hook itself is made from a piece of plastic
cut from a milk carton, so it is stiff enough to be
shaped and hold it's shape and also to be bent to
the angle i needed for it to be.

it works to get rid of the worst of the glare from
the flash and working so close up.

i'm not sure yet this is my final set up for doing
the pictures i want to take but it sure looks a lot
better now than it did before.

i'm still trying other things too as i get the time
and inclination in between bouts of gardening and the
other things going on.

there are other things that eventually can be done
from making other flash unit redirectors to get the
light i want, and they aren't expensive to do either,
just a few $ - so that is nice. the hard part now is
that can't go get things from the stores so just have
to be patient and work with what i have on hand.

luckily i did get all the hardware i needed for this
initial foray before the shipping stuff started to be