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On 12/05/2020 12:58, Martin Brown wrote:
On 12/05/2020 12:38, Pwllgloyw wrote:
I was given some courgette seeds, which have germinated well. I now
realise that my small veg space is fully committed, so I intend to
grow them in pots on the pation. BUT what size pot do I need for each
one, width and height approx?

Their spread is about 3' x 3' and I guess a roughly bucket sized pot
ought to do. I plant mine in the top of the year old compost heap.

Two or three plants will give you more courgettes than you can eat.

Thanks, I did grow some a couple of years ago, just 2 (but in the soil)
and we had so many courgettes that I ended up make courgette chutney and
even courgette and ginger jam! (I think there is still a jar in the

I'm now looking for buckets that I can drill holes in

Roger T