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Default Clematis problem!

In message , Jeff Layman
On 22/05/20 14:58, Primrose wrote:
Yesterday the flowers were very perky. We've had some really strong
winds today. I went out to water and noticed that some of clematis
flowers are wilting. Not all them are wilting just a few. Photo:
Could it be the wind? The leaves look healthy enough.

You can always give it some water to see if that helps. But in my
non-expert opinion, any sudden wilt on a clematis, particularly at this
time of the year, is almost diagnostic of clematis wilt even if the
leaves haven't (yet) wilted.

It's possible that the combination of a hot sun and a strong wind is
having the same effect as a hot-air gun. Even though it's the wrong time
of day to do it, I've been out with the hosepipe.