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Default Carrot Transplants

On Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 7:25:01 PM UTC-4, songbird wrote:
Pavel314 wrote:
My wife tried an experiment with carrots. She planted seeds in flats in the greenhouse, then transplanted them to the garden. The transplant seems to have made them go crazy; they have multiple roots, some of which are curved.

i think you need a long cell to get this to work.

short cells will feedback too much to the root (giving
it information about context and make the root split up
instead of keeping going down).

all IMO. i am not a carrot expert, but i've seen root
systems of queen-annes-lace for many years in many


Sounds reasonable; she said she just wanted to try that and will be planting them directly into the garden from now on. We dug a carrot bed down about two feet and backfilled with sand, dirt, and compost, tilling it all into a mixture that should let them grow without restriction.