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Default tomato harvest and other things

tomatoes starting to get red enough to pick some. for
the first pick we had a five gallon bucket and i turned
most of them into tomato juice. we did eat a half dozen
tomatoes. cherry tomatoes we've picked a few quarts and
those we didn't eat right away went into the juice jars.

cucumbers still coming in more than we can really use
but we give them away. the really big ones that cannot
be used we put under the lilac tree for the worms to

onions can be picked when needed for the next few weeks
and then after that i'll have to get them cured for
storage if we don't plan on eating them soon enough. in
normal years we can eat them up fairly quickly as we do
eat a lot of onions.

i can pick fresh beans every day but it has been a
crazy few weeks so i'm not getting out each day to pick.
it isn't a major problem either way as we do like the
dry beans too.

squash and melons doing ok. pictures would be nice
if i can get out there to do it.

i've had to do more mowing here the past few months and
it reminds me of how much i'd rather be gardening instead.

as we get things harvested and processed i'm going to be
able to gradually reclaim a garden that has been taken over
by weeds the past few years (due to me getting behind
because of injuries and also trying to get big projects
done). the other day i was able to finally get a half hour
project done in that area which makes it look a bit neater.
sometimes you just have to keep chipping away...

what are you up to? how is the harvest going?