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Default tomato harvest and other things

providing induced-draft combustion air directly to the heater's intake
via a separate (and, so far, vermin-proof) underground duct. It looks
weird but it works. Man, Rube Goldberg's got nothing on my old ass!

i can't even imagine that! congrats on stumping me!

Fall ( well, early Autumn) typically is the start of the gardening
year in these parts, provided the wearher has cooled enough (and the
rain has stopped and the hurricanes/tropical storms have calmed a bit)
and for the third consecutive season I find myself not even close to
ready. Who knew such a simple task as pulling Spanish needles could be
such a chore? I won't be putting any energy into growing corn this
year—or ever!—but,man, could I ever use a batch of fresh collards; or
"little marvel" peas, or carrots, or turnips, or spinach....

or fresh beans or cucumbers? those we have plenty of
and i'd be glad to be able to give you some but you are
a boatload of miles away. the tomatoes we are currently
hoarding until we know what we have put up will be enough.
i even put out a few rat traps this afternoon to see if
i could discourage a chewing marauder to find another
place to exercise those teeth. we've lost a few tomatoes
to whatever it is (likely a raccoon, but i'm not exactly
sure yet).

today i picked some of the first dried beans and shelled
a few just to see what they were and how they were.

always a nice time of year when it starts to finally
cool off a bit and the days aren't quite so long and there
is a chance of some cooler weather on the way. this week
we may even get down into the low 70s as a high

i also sacrificed a melon today to see if it was getting
ripe enough already. i was hoping it was done enough, but
it wasn't. one way to learn, by experience... the worms
will be happy to take care of it, i ate a little but it
wasn't very much of anything in flavor. i did keep some
of the seeds and planted the rest to see if any of them
will sprout.