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Default tomato harvest and other things

No. Too early. In the fall, I'm planting those crops mentioned in
anticipation of the cooler weather in which they thrive. Many years, I
can get two crops of most of that stuff. Remember: This part of the
country does not have winter as you know it.

i don't think we have much for winters any more
we've hardly had to shovel snow, both of us need
the exercise. all winter we stand by the window
with the shovel in our hands just hoping for some
real action. j/k...

In late spring (late
February or early March), when the weather is warming and days getting
longer, it'll be time for beans cucurbits and other "warm season"
veggies. If I time it just right and the weather cooperates, I can
squeeze in another bunch of peas. Most years, I can get two crops of
tomatoes, too, although the fall crop is subject to "early" freezes (I
think I sent you photos of December freeze-damaged tomatoes.). As a
rule, we don't get freezing temperatures until late January or early
February but there is the occasional surprise to combat complacency.

i had a good pea season this year, but i didn't have
enough room and should have only planted a few varieties
instead of a bunch all packed into a small area.

i didn't plant any late season peas, i've just never
had all that great luck with them turning out to be all
that edible so i'd rather save the seeds for the next
season instead.