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Default Thinking abut a cordless hedgetrimmer

On 29/04/2021 22:10, Another John wrote:
I'm cross--posting to DIY and to Gardening.

I have had two Bosch AHS 55-26 (corded) hedgetrimmers in the last 10
years. I cut a lot of hedging, in three different gardens, and this is a
great cutter: 55cm blade, 600W power, and weighs 3.6kg; my second one
cost me about Ł130 several years ago. Used sensibly, nothing stops it
blazing through the many different hedges I look after.

I'm starting to get older ... hang on: I've always been getting older:
what has happened is that I'm starting to _feel_ older, and I'm
wondering if a cordless (therefore lighter) trimmer will be kinder to my
now-rapidly declining body.

Fix the rapidly declining body by ditching the gadgetry and use hedge
clippers. Great exercise for upper body.