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Default Thinking abut a cordless hedgetrimmer

On 29/04/2021 22:36, Chris Green wrote:
In uk.d-i-y Another John wrote:

I'm starting to get older ... hang on: I've always been getting older:
what has happened is that I'm starting to _feel_ older, and I'm
wondering if a cordless (therefore lighter) trimmer will be kinder to my
now-rapidly declining body.

Are cordless *really* lighter? In theory they should be heavier
because you're carrying the power supply around as well as the motor.

For the same power and ability to cut the machine would weigh the same,
and then add the battery.

Perhaps lifting the trailing cord at the back of a corded machine makes
it unbalanced and the operator has to use more energy to level it off in
order to cut. Clipping the cord to clothing and having some slack in the
cord between the operator and clipper may make it seem less heavy.

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