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Default Thinking abut a cordless hedgetrimmer

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Jeff Layman wrote:
On 29/04/2021 22:10, Another John wrote:
I'm cross--posting to DIY and to Gardening.

I have had two Bosch AHS 55-26 (corded) hedgetrimmers in the last 10
years. I cut a lot of hedging, in three different gardens, and this is a
great cutter: 55cm blade, 600W power, and weighs 3.6kg; my second one
cost me about 130 several years ago. Used sensibly, nothing stops it
blazing through the many different hedges I look after.

I'm starting to get older ... hang on: I've always been getting older:
what has happened is that I'm starting to _feel_ older, and I'm
wondering if a cordless (therefore lighter) trimmer will be kinder to my
now-rapidly declining body.

Does anyone have reasonably extensive experience of cordless trimmers? I
can't really believe that even the best cordless trimmer could match the
power of the one I have.

Opinions would be most welcome - TIA

A battery trimmer will be heavier than a corded one. Lots of info he

This one is corded and weighs only 1.9kg:

One thing you haven't mentioned is the length of the blade. Perhaps look
for the shortest one you can find. Not only will it be lighter because
there's less metal in the blade, it should require a less powerful, and
so lighter, motor to do the cutting.

But you might not be able to reach across the top of the hedge if it's too
short. And, with a long blade you geta much neater cut - that's why the
pros use them.

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