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Wesley Trotman
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Default Aerating Compost teas

Hi Carmen

A BD commercial grower in Adelaide aerates his liquid manure using flow form
bowls. These are designed to swirl the liquid as it moves across the bowl
and then flows into the next one just below it. So I guess in BD terms it
energises the brew but it is also adding aerobic bacteria action to it. The
brew starts out as liquid manure which is an anaerobic bacteria product.

I havent gotten around to processing my liquid manure yet but it will be a
future project.

"Carmen" wrote in message
Greetings All

Recently there has been discussion among NZ organic growers about the
benefits of aerating compost teas
to not only brew organic compost tea but also as a method of breeding and
increasing beneficial organisms for the soil.
A friend recommended that i follow up on his comments by reading research

Elaine Ingham from Soil Foodweb.

He also suggested that using an inexpensive
aquarium fish tank pump is an efficient way of aerating compost teas.

I have just been websearching and found the following website which gives
more information on the tools required and the processes involved :-
"Aerated compost teas are the latest in scientific organic research today.
In many ways, aerated teas offer greater immediate benefits than classic
compost, manure, or other homemade foliar teas. Just by applying a cheap
aquarium air pump to a 5 gallon bucket of tea, you can get amazing

(read more on site)