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Default Garden GateŽ Plans


I bought some gardening plans from "Garden GateŽ Plans" (I think I paid $4
US for each plan). I am wondering now if I got snookered. I liked the
pictures and the easy-to-follow guides. However, I am not sure of their
plant selections. Below is a plant list for one of their recommended "Full
Sun" hanging baskets. Here is what they say:

"This wire basket for full sun has a little bit of everything - larger
leaves, feathery foliage and bright colors. Yet it doesn't come loud or too
busy. The red coleus anchors the center of the arrangement, with contrasting
colors on either side. The trailing plants - asparagus fern going up and
sweet potato hanging down around the sphagnum lining - tie it all together
and soften the lines of the hanger and container."

I thought several of these plants were shade-lovers. What do you guys

A Geranium -- Pelargonium 'Vancouver'
B Lance-leafed begonia -- Begonia spp. (Superba type)
C Goldfish plant --- Columnea 'Black Magic'
D Asparagus fern -- Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
E Coleus -- Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Sunset Wizard'
F Lantana -- Lantana camara
G Sweet potato -- Ipomoea batatas 'Margaurite'
H Swan River daisy -- Brachycome 'Ultra'

Some of these seem OK for a full-sun hanging basket, but I wonder about the
Coleus (it's not a sun-loving variety), the begonia and the Goldfish plant,
just for starters. Is this outfit full of hot air? Should I proceed with
distrust with the rest of the Garden GateŽ Plans?

(I live in Zone 5, Cleveland OH -- not sure if that matters for this
question, though!)


-- Lisa
-- pelirojaroja
"dangerous redhead"