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Default Low Light, Low Water Plants

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From: John Savage
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Subject: Low Light, Low Water Plants

"Willow" writes:
I might put some variegated mondo grass or fairly lights in to cover the
borders & then some plants with nice & colourful foliage behind. I've

Careful with the varigated plants. They need stronger light than the
plain variety to compensate for their patchy chlorophyll. If the area
is as low in light as you imply, the plain green mondo (short or ordinary)
might do better. Perhaps try both. Just a thought.

The black mondo can look nice, in the right setting, but I don't know
their light requirements.

I was considering black mondo grass, but with the area already shaded & with
the soil colour as it is (black with all the compost & poo I put in it last
weekend), the grass would fade into significance. I have been considering
putting some white gravel down as mulch... so I guess if I did that the
black mondo grass would look ok. Does putting gravel down as mulch improve
or damage the soil at all? I'm in Perth so the "soil" is grey sand & is
already fairly water repellant.