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K Bains
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Default Beware of Gardener

"Howard Neil" [email protected] TO wrote in message
And have you reported him to the trading standards office?

I did think about reporting him, but no such agreement/contract was

I ain't got a case.

Never mind the TSO, report it to police. Obtaining property by deception

a serious criminal offence.

It is also possible that a visit from a police officer may result in a

excuse and the return of your money. Do not worry about signing a

this is not an issue. Also, do not worry about whether you have a case or
not. That is the job of the police.

Do not let him off the hook or he will pull the same trick on others.


Howard Neil

Thanks ... I have a friend who is a Policeman and will certaintly mention it
to him. It makes me so angry to think people could be so devious.