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"Mike" wrote in message
In article , Sacha
in article , Mike at
wrote on 30/4/03 8:58 pm:

Besides that, if you go to Trading Standards and report him, they may
already have a file on him, even if they haven't, they will start one!!

Doubt if he is a member, but have a look at various Associations such

the Federation of the Self Employed, The Guild of Master Craftsmen and
the Chamber of Commerce.

I don't want to add to Kay's burden but may I suggest changing your



What are you on about?

It could be that she is trying to warn Kay that if the 'conman' has been
allowed in the house, there might be reason to assume that 'the joint has
been cased'
and he may return. Hopefully he was never allowed access, but you can never
be too
careful with these scumbag conmen!