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Howard Neil
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Default Beware of Gardener

Thanks ... I have a friend who is a Policeman and will certaintly mention
to him. It makes me so angry to think people could be so devious.


This offence really needs to be reported formally and at the earliest
opportunity. By all means speak to your friend first but he may or may not
be in the best position to initiate the report himself (depending on his
current posting and force policies).

The best way of reporting it would probably be to walk into your local
police station but, if you find this off-putting (I know that some police
stations do not seem the friendliest of places), try telephoning them.
Different forces have different policies but some will allow a crime report
to be taken over the 'phone, some will be prepared to send an officer to
your home, some will insist that you visit the police station.


Howard Neil