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Michael Milligan
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Default My pro-pesticide novel is finally out!!

Hi gang. My mystery novel presenting a farmer's eye view of the
anti-pesticide movement is finally out!! It's been 10 years in the
writing--with much help from members of this group--particulary Tracy
Aquilla and Oz (you guys and the NG are duly acknowledged in the
front of the book).

I thank you all so much. It's been rewritten many times and--modestly
enough--I think it's pretty darn good. Jerry Della Femina, himself a
best-selling author, praised it thusly: "The last time I was this excited
about a new writer of mysteries was when I read James Ellroy's first novel.
This is an exciting new addition to the world of publishing."

If you'd like to see a sample, go to and read the
two chapters on the "sample" page. I wouldn't be hurt if you bought it too,
but I don't want to commercialize excessively.

Bless you all, you are a fine crew.
Mike Milligan