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Ed Lucarini
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Default Question on Tea rose maintenance.

"Shiva" wrote in message

Why do you think it is a "tea rose?" There are teas and hybrid teas-- the
modern, florist type rose is a hybrid tea.

I don't know for sure what it is. It was a gift from my sister to my
grandmother. All I heard was Tea rose. The bloom are miniature crimson, and
plentiful. Accompanying it is a Hybrid Tea Mister Lincoln, witch I
installed two years ago along with a Queen Elizabeth, a Don Juan to climb my
lamp post (poor choice for climbing a lamp post, but beautiful blooms.),
one other breed that I lost the label to. As the season warms up I will
post them for I.d. I'd post now but I don't have a decent picture of it and
I got prun happy during spring cleaning. It won't happen again.

Now tell more about the rose. Color? Leaves? Can you take a picture and
post it or send it to me and I will? MOST importantly, where are you? Is
it blooming yet? More info, man! G

It's a cool spring here on Long Island. I haven't had to mow the lawn yet,
and the roses are just starting to launch new fishers.