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Brad Guth
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Default Earth is affected by Venus, NASA is affected by GUTH Venus

Tides are certainly affected by Venus
Global weather is further impacted by Venus
Tectonics have recently been influenced by Venus
Platetonics (earthquakes) influenced by Venus

There are only 4 primary issues associated with Earth's weather, as
well as it's tectonics and/or platetonics (of course, if you're one of
those super brains, then there are at least another thousand issues
however, if combined those considerations will not amount to the least
of the following).

1) the sun
2) the moon
3) Venus
4) Earth itself

Normally (for 16+ months) our weather/storm patterns and of whatever
other planetary internal/external issues are those unaffected by
Venus, that's because for those 16+ months out of it's 18+ month
cycle, it's sufficiently far away and not in sufficient alignment with
the Sun or our moon.

However folks, since Venus is roughly 100 times the mass of our moon
and, upon occasions it has been only 100 times as far away, thus
having nearly the same gravitational influence as our moon, with the
strong added exception that unlike our moon, at times Venus is
essentially parked (lingering) between then Sun and us, simply not
moving towards or away all that fast, therefore it's influence is
somewhat greater (accumulative, day after day), as for applying a
relatively consistent/proportional gravitational pull, delivering a
subsequent influence upon Earth for at least 2 months worth out of
every cycle of encountering Earth.

This most recent planetary influence is most certainly what generated
those higher as well as unusual tides and, it certainly exacerbated
other issues such as upon tectonics and associated golbal alterations,
thus earthquakes, greater storms and of simply of more likely then not
other radical weather/temperature affects are in fact those being
influenced by Venus, especially when it has become this close and so
unlike our moon, having such added inward sustained pull upon Earth
for these two months of October/November 2002.

A brief check of previous Venus/Earth cycles (encounters), as those
associated to Earth's environment and general status of generally bad
and/or unusual things happening, as coinciding with those times when
Venus was being close to Earth, will indicate upon similar events and
subsequently confirm the effects of this frequent encounter with
Venus. In fact this October 4th & 5th we even had the moon in direct
addition, thus even greater (near maximum) solar system stresses upon
Earth and as such, muximum influences upon global weather and tides.

Because this planetary nearness can only be observed in Earth's
daylight, to most of us the planet Venus is simply not visible (does
not exist), but it's certainly there and it's darn big (appearing as
3.25% of our moon) and, this event happens roughly every 18+ months.

Obviously Venus is not as such helping us out by pushing us away from
the Sun, in fact, it's always been pulling us inward and at recent
times, such as this October/November 2002, that pull has been
unusually greater because it's doing such at the mere distance of 0.27
AU (40.4^6 km), a nearly equal gravitational pull influence as that of
our moon, with the exception being that this pull is prolonged
(accumulative) and as unlike the moon, it's constantly in addition to
the solar gravity, with that added force being applied for weeks on

Unfortunate for Earth's humanity and truths; It seems as though our
NASA has recently determined that Newton, Einstine as well as a host
of other astronomers were all full of it because, this recent
significant influence of Venus upon Earth's weather and tectonics
and/or platetonics is oddly being ignored to death, even though Venus
has recently been influencing somewhat more upon Earth then what our
moon normally impacts (additionally as being accumulated along with
our lunar pull on November 4th & 5th), thus greatly influencing upon
our global weather situation and worse.

The recent storms, earthquakes and general weather behaviour patterns
have been those influenced by Venus, yet NASA and NOAA have each been
doing everything within their considerable power (orchestrating) as to
keeping Venus out of the news as well as out of the astronomy and
other science minds. Sort of "out of sight, out of mind".

OK folks, so according to our NASA, the considerable influences of
Venus is not an issue worth understanding, in fact, if you were to
call or email NASA/NOAA as to inquire about Venus you will not obtain
squat, only textbook and/or carfully scripted references and of
nothing that's current nor scheduled for the future. As far as NASA is
concerned, Venus simply no longer exist, as not even our best talented
astronomers nor space platform instruments can locate nor image upon
Venus, even though it's with sufficiently black space at 6+ degrees
south of the Sun (that's even been safe for Hubble to image upon and
certainly TRACE could have managed).

As I've said, certain things cause and/or affect Earth's surface
environment as well as physical/internal status. In fact, if it were
not for these outside influences, Earth would have little if any
weather and little if any other internal/geological activity. It seems
rather odd, that of something that's certainly capable of influencing
our environment as much if not more so then our moon, shouldn't this
be important to comprehend, important to chart and perhaps very
important as to taking into account, yet NASA/NOAA will have none of

The recent discoveries of what could be those of artificial remains
and/or the current situation of "life NOT as we know it" still
surviving on Venus, this highly unfortunate issue might have become
the trigger that has officially placed Venus off the maps, off the
charts and entirely out of the minds of those capable of researching
and discovering things, towards better understanding what our solar
system has to offer and, especially with regard to our nearest and
most humanly accessible planet, a planet which seems to be hosting
some form of obviously evolved life that has likely become accustomed
to the nighttime season of Venus.

Basically I've heard it all or, at least I think I've heard every
orchestrated excuse there is, yet more such excuses keep showing up,
as for blocking every possible avenue and opportunity towards properly
researching Venus. A darn good alternate question might be; Why
should our NASA be making (at taxpayers expense) such an effort at
ignoring the obvious and at stopping others from obtaining the truth.

If you are at all interested, I have a few dozen pages of my research
and ongoing tit for tat, that which clearly pushes far too many of
NASA's buttons, perhaps I'm even pushing some of your buttons as well
and, if not I'll certainly try much harder as to doing better the next
time around. and

Ragards, Brad Guth / IEIS "GUTH Venus" (alt. )